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Als Plomari features a unique location in Ammoudeli neighbourhood, in Plomari, just over the pebble beach of the area. The apartment is a great choice for vacation in Lesvos, for couples or families of 3 or 4 people, since it provides easy access to the beach, as well as to the centre of Plomari, which is located about 500 metres away.

Book Als Plomari for your stay in Lesvos, and experience the authentic life of the Greek islands. Explore the south part of the island, while you can also have day-trips to the rest of Lesvos. Or just relax in Als Plomari and enjoy life by the beach and the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.


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Enjoy life by the beach

Ammoudeli is a peaceful neighbourhood, in the western side of Plomari, just 400 metres away from the centre of the town. It is a residential area, dominated by its pebble beach, ideal for relaxing vacation in Lesvos. Ammoudeli has two tavernas with traditional local food and fresh fish, while during summertime a nice café serves refreshments and snacks next to the beach or at its sunbeds.

Ammoudeli beach is one of the most popular beaches in Plomari, due to its proximity to the centre and its crystal-clear waters. It is also condidered a great choice for families in Lesvos who combine swimming at the beach, and then enjoying tasteful dishes at the tavernas.


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A vibrant place to explore

Plomari is a picturesque small town in southern Lesvos. It was built in mid-19th-century, on the banks of Sedountas torrent and since then it developed a lot in commerce, industry, agriculture and, recently, tourism.

Plomari is situated in a beautiful landscape, on the slopes of several hills, overlooking the Aegean Sea. The town has a lot of tavernas, restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy local food and the famous ouzo of Plomari. One may also visit the Museums of Ouzo and wonder through the narrow streets of the town’s internal neighbourhoods. The beaches of Agios Isidoros, Ammoudeli, or Melinta are some of the most popular of the area, while driving to the villages of Plomari area is strongly recommended for travelers who want to explore the authentic village life in a Greek island.


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An island of arts, nature and history

Lesvos is a complete travel destination. Travel to Lesvos to explore one of the most interesting Greek islands, and commune with the history, the nature and the arts of this beautiful Greek island. The history of Lesvos starts thousands of years B.C.. The island was inhabited by Aeolian Greeks and throughout the centuries was invaded by various nations. Their influence is obvious in several aspects of the culture, architecture and everyday life of the Lesbians.

Lesvos is the island where Aristotle made his first attempts to immerse himself in the science we would later call biology, it is the place that inspired glorious poets – from Sappho, Alkaios and Arion in the antiquity, to the Nobel prize awarded Odysseas Elytis -, it is the destination of beautiful migratory birds such as flamingos, it is the land that hosts incredible flora and fauna, and the scenery of magnificent landscapes.

Travel to Lesvos, to explore places of unique beauty, and traditional villages that will introduce you to the authentic life in Greece.

Why Plomari

Plomari is a place that combines relaxation at nice beaches with experience the vibrant life of an authentic Greek sea-side town.

  • Beautiful nature, traditional architecture, amazing landscapes.
  • Plenty of restaurants, bars and recreation places.
  • Nice beaches with crystal-clear waters.
  • An area that combines sea-side with proximity to mountainous villages.
  • A great base to explore Lesvos with day-trips.

Explore Lesvos

Plomari Area – Southern Lesvos

Pay a visit to the nearby villages and experience the real life of the locals. Visit Megalochori in the north (the old Plomari), Melinda and Paleochori in the west, and Plagia in the east. In the west side of Plomari you will find Polichnitos, Vatera beach and the gulf of Kalloni – ideal for birdwatching. In the east, you will find the gulf of Gera and its villages.

Central & Eastern Lesvos

A great day-trip to explore eastern Lesvos is a drive to the Agiasos, Mytilene, Mantamados and Skala Sykamias. On the way to Mytilene make a stop at the Therma thermal springs at the gulf of Gera.

North & Western Lesvos

A day-trip to western Lesvos should include the beautiful Molyvos, Petra, Skala of Eresos and Sigri. In Sigri don’t miss to visit the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest.

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