the balcony of Als Plomari
with a table and two wooden armchairs

breathtaking sea view

View from Als Plomari's Balcony

Balcony with a view

The balcony of Als Plomari is literally over the beach of Ammoudeli, and offers magnificent views of the beach and the Aegean Sea. The balcony has a wooden table and two wooden outdoor armchairs, where you can relax throughout the day. The balcony is also a great place to enjoy your breakfast or your drink in the evening. Relas at the balcony, read a book, listen to the waves, watch the sunset and gaze the stars…

Outdoor Table
2 Outdoor Chairs
Drying Loft
Sea View
Sea View

A place to relax, day and night

The balcony of Als Plomari offers breathtaking sea views to the Aegean. You can relax at its outdoor armchairs and enjoy your beverage or snack, while watching the beach, the sea and the beautiful blue sky. In the night, you can enjoy stargazing and watching the distant lights of the airplanes flying thousand of feet above Lesvos.


  • Wooden Table
  • Wooden Armchairs
  • Wooder Railings
  • View of the Aegean Sea
  • View of Ammoudeli Beach
  • View of Plomari Port

relax at the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view

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Is there any view from the balcony of Als Plomari?

Als Plomari’s balcony is situated literally above Ammoudeli Beach and offers breathtaking views of the beach, the Aegean Sea and Plomari port. If there is no humidity at all in the atmpshere, you can also see Chios island and the Turkish coasts.

Is there any outdoor furniture at the balcony of Als Plomari?

Yes, there is a wooden table and two wooden outdoor armchairs. For a party of more than two people you can move to the balcony the chairs of the dining table, so as to have sitting for all of you.