the bathroom of Als Plomari
with bathtub and washing machine

for a convenient stay

Take a revitilizing shower

The Bathroom of Als Plomari includes a bathtub with shower, a wash basin with a mirror, a toilet, a boiler for hot water and a washing machine. Body and face towels, as well as beach towels are provided.

Bathtub with Shower
Waching Machine
Electric Water Heater

Enjoy a convenient stay in Plomari

The bathroom of Als Plomari features a bathtub with a shower, a toilet, a wash basin with a mirror and a washing machine for your clothes. An electric boiler to heat the water is also available. There is no need to bring your towels, since we provide you body and face towels, as well as towels for the beach. A hair-dryer is also available as was well as luxury shampoo/conditioner and liquid hand-soap. Choose Als Plomari is a great choice if you are looking for a vacation rental in Plomari.

Bathroom Facilities

  • Bathtub with Shower
  • Wash Basin with Mirror
  • Toilet
  • Washing Machine
  • Electric Water Heater
  • Face Towels
  • Body Towels
  • Beach Towels
  • Luxury Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Luxury Liquid Hand-Soap
  • Bath Curtain
  • Small Window

enjoy your bath and shower or clean your clothes

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Is there a bathtub in Als Plomari?

Als Plomari bathroom includes a bathtub with a shower, as well as complimentary luxury amenities (shampoo/conditioner and liquid hand-soap).

Are there towels provided in Als Plomari?

Als Plomari provides to its guests towels and linen for their stay. There are body and face towels as well as towels for the beach.

Does Als Plomari provide hot water?

There is an electric water heater (boiler) that provides hot water to the guests of Als Plomari.